In Mary Shelley's marvelous book, Victor describes his creation in full detail as beautiful yet repulsive with his yellow skin, lustrous black and flowing hair, and teeth of pearly whiteness.

It's been a few centuries though and society's version of beauty does change, as fickle as humans are. The monster prefers to go by Frankie now, and he's gotten a 2nd chance at life thanks to his popularity amongst the current living. Frankie decided to get a hair cut and take on a challenge of creating tasty things - taking control of his fear of fire and bending it to his needs.

Frankie is my first huge realistic art piece. Taking over 6 months to create (with a few breaks along the way), the full creative journey can be seen on my Patreon - - including process, discussion, a few rants about thumbs, credited images for inspiration, and a huge shout out to the NECA Toy company for their inspiring Frankenstein Monster design.


(Yes, you read "first" above correct. Stayed tuned)